What is Packaging?

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What is Packaging?
  • 26.03.2021

What is Packaging?

A few definitions of the functions of the package are as follows: Packaging is the containers and envelopes in which the goods are put in order to maintain and transport the goods well. Packaging is a means of delivering a good to the end consumer without spoiling and with minimum cost. Packaging is an on-site advertising tool. It attracts consumer attention and provides objective and emotional information about the goods it covers. Each time a consumer uses a product in his / her home, the packaging acts to strengthen the image and attitudes associated with it. Packaging is some kind of visual communication. It is a tool that carries the meaning of the product put into the packaging. In short, packaging is a “silent communication tool.

Packaging Specifications

Protects Product Means Economy.

Prevents product deterioration.

Protective Measure.

Reduces Costs.

Provides Convenience to Consumers Provides information.

Prevents product tampering Provides hygiene.

It makes life easier.



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